“At My Current Vision, Seeing Photos on Social Media is Almost Impossible”: How Mixed-Ability Collaboration Can Help Photo Sharing and Accessibility

Technical Paper under review at the W4A Conference. This is a followup study from the previous Poster Paper published at Assets 2018 titled "Mixed-Ability Collaboration for Accessible Photo Sharing"

Opportunities for Individual, Collaborative, & Community Accessibility on E-Learning Platforms

Position Paper published at CHI 2018 for the workshop on Emerging Opportunities in Inclusive Education for People with Visual Impairments

Screenless Typing: Exploring the Auditory Keyboard

Ongoing research on studying the auditory keyflow concept of screenless typing for people with visual impairments.

Study partially supported through a Google Faculty Research Award.

Social Collaboration and Web Accessibility

Poster paper published at ASSETS 2018.

It unpacks the potential advantages of social collaboration between people who are blind or visually impaired and their sighted peers to address accessibility on social platforms.

Usability Test & Evaluation of the Indianapolis Animal Care Services Website

A coursework project related to creating a Usability Report & studying the usability issues of the IACS website through various usability testing methods

Pizza Hut Web Accessibility Evaluation Report

A coursework project studying the accessibility issues of the Pizza Hut website through the automatic WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation tool

Mobile Application Design for Roommate Management Systems

A coursework UX design project showcasing the design process from fielding surveys, brainstorming, sketching, storyboarding to low fidelity and high fidelity interactive prototype

Mobile Application Design for an IU Grand Challenge: Hoosier Storm Source

A coursework UX design project showcasing the design process and addressing the design challenge for the given core problem

Summer Internship at Cook Medical, headquartered at Bloomington, IN as a Digital Intern

This summer internship layed a strong foundation of working in real-time on one big UX project, working collaboratively with the teams at Cook Australia and Ireland


Research Skills

Surveys, Interviews, Diary Study, Contextual Inquiry, Task Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Cognitive Walkthrough, Heuristic Evaluation, Think Aloud Tests, Usability Tests and Evaluations

Design Skills

Wireframing, High-Fidelity Prototyping, Sketching, Storyboarding, Persona Creation, Scenarios, User Flows, UI Design

Design Tools

Balsamiq, Axure RP Pro, Sketch, InVision, Marvel, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects, MS Office

Web Design Tools

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress


Interpersonal Skills

Ability to meet deadlines, Articulate communication skills, Team leader and player, Critical thinker, Problem solver

Additional Skills

Project Management Systems, Requirements Gathering, Risks Analysis

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I have been delighted to watch Reeti grow as an effective and enthusiastic researcher in her time at IUPUI. Especially in this second year of the program, she has developed a clear research agenda to pursue and has been driven and ambitious in answering her research questions about mixed-ability collaboration. Her passion for addressing web accessibility problems is self-evident, and she has built up an admirable set of skills and fieldwork experiences in her time in our program.

Erin Brady
Dr. Erin Brady Assistant Professor, Indiana University - IUPUI

Reeti has been wonderful to work with. She is extremely responsible and easy to work with. She has clearly presented her design work and research findings to Cook employees globally. We are honored to have her share her time with us this summer.

Eric Shalley Global Creative Manager, Cook Medical

Reeti is a very talented and gracious person who was respected by students, staff and faculty alike. She took her work seriously and took the utmost pride in her achievements. We all miss her already.

Headshot of Barry Blinderman wearing a brown hat and a black suit
Barry Blinderman Past Director, University Galleries, ISU

Reeti is a dependable and multi-talented web developer/designer.

Arturo Ramirez Director, WEB & Interactive Communications, ISU

Reeti does an exceptional job on a variety of design and UX related activities of translating creative direction into technical, highly organized artifacts. She takes initiative, meets her deadlines, and consistently delivers high quality work that exceeds expectations. Whether the task is simple (research, documentation) or complex (interface inventories, use cases, prototypes), Reeti tackles it with efficiency and enthusiasm, making her a valuable addition to any team.

Headshot of Mary Macin-Ditchen
Mary Macin-Ditchen Graphic Designer, WEB & Interactive Communication, ISU

Ms. Mathur is a polymath without parallel. Throughout a decade of professional experience involving many apprentices, Ms. Mathur stands alone as the most effective, dependable, adaptable, and brightest I have yet to encounter. Aside from the extensive and specific technical expertise outlined in her resume, Ms. Mathur possesses an innate ability to quickly absorb and master new software and techniques. A truly self-motivated individual, Ms. Mathur’s work ethic leads to a personal initiative on every project, and consistent successes achieved with little to no supervision. Coupled with the aforementioned, her superb communication skills, keen eye for detail, outstanding diplomacy, and ability to react quickly and logically to challenges in a fast-paced work environment make her an ideal candidate for any position she chooses to pursue.

Gabriel Johnson Past Registrar, University Galleries, ISU

About Me

I am Reeti Mathur, a second-year graduate student at Indiana University - IUPUI. Conducting research studies in the field of Social Media and Online Accessibility has inspired me to elevate my career towards pursuing a Ph.D. I find potential in forming a team or a committee with professors whose research work is parallel to my interests, working on studying the various aspects of online accessibility through social media and collaboration.

Research Experiences

Presently, I am a research assistant to my advisor Dr. Erin Brady and the program’s director Dr. Davide Bolchini at IUPUI. As part of my work towards a thesis and other publications with Dr. Brady, I am studying collaborative aspects on Facebook between people with visual impairments and their sighted friends and family to collaboratively generate appropriate and accurate alternative text and get photos reviewed for their peers with visual impairments. I am really excited about this study because it is a perfect amalgamation of my research interests in the field of social computing and online accessibility, giving me the right exposure to study collaborative aspects on social platforms.

Since research in Social Media and Accessibility is the core of my work, I have attended the Conference on Disability in Indianapolis last year to learn about ongoing research in the field and the requirements of people with a disability. I also presented my papers and attended other sessions during the CHI and ASSETS 2018 conferences. Being a part of the User Experience (UX) and HCI industry, I actively took part to learn about the recent trends in UX at the World Usability Day Conference held at Fishers, IN last year and the IxDA Conference earlier in October this year.

Industrial Experience

I also have an industrial exposure of working in a real-time setting during my summer 2018 internship at Cook Medical, Bloomington, IN. As a Digital Intern, I created interactive hi-fidelity prototypes of the company’s online brand guide, while simultaneously researching via surveys to propose accessible features for making their online portals inclusive. This internship laid the opportunity for me to conduct research and propose design solutions on a global scale, communicating and collaboratively working with the research and design teams in Ireland and Australia as well.

Future Aspirations

After attaining a Ph.D., I see myself working as a UX Researcher or an analyst where I can bring my expertise of accessibility and social computing at social companies like Facebook or Google. I have a clear motive with a keen interest in this field of research work. I am a very dedicated and passionate student, always wanting to learn new technologies and coming up with practical solutions towards UX research, design challenges, accessibility, and problem-solving. Given my skills and a strong background in research, I hereby put forth my candidature of an aspiring Ph.D. student and look forward to continuing my research interests in the field of web accessibility and social computing.

Reeti Mathur